2 Reasons why Twitter exploded with Godi Media Anti farmer tweets

2 Reasons why Twitter exploded with Godi Media Anti farmer tweets on 9 March 2021


Godi media anti farmer” tag is trending on 3rd position with over 44.3k+ tweets in a single day on twitter. Also some days back it was trending with Modi Rozgar Do.

People in India and also worldwide are blaming Indian media to be Godi media i.e supporting Narendra Modi blindly without covering the problems with the farmer bill.

According to a report in Times of India, the people who met PM Narendra Modi in Kutch were not the real farmers, they were BJP activists.

Peoples on twitter started criticizing the Narendra Modi, BJP and Indian media also for showing the false news and hence started trending with the #GodiMediaAntiFarmer on the 9th of March 2021.

Doing such behaviour, not to covering the real news and supporting the Indian government and not to showing the cons lead India ranked 147 out of 180 in the global press freedom index 2020.

Reasons why twitter exploded with #GodiMediaAntiFarmer Today

Here is the 3 reasons why twitter exploded with hashtag Godi media anti Farmer,


1. Kutch controversy on conversation between BJP activists showing them as farmer (Reason for Godi Media Anti famer)

In the past year on December when a group of famers was supposed to met PM Narendra Modi on farmers bill controversy in Kutch, the farmer met were BJP Activists not the real famers.

And none of the Indian media showed the real fact or news behind it. But they started supporting Indian government for a healthy conversation with famers on Kutch.

Also, None of the Media is neither accepting their mistakes nor covering this news.

Hence, the reason proved why Indian media is said to be Godi media and twitter exploded with #GodiMediaAntiFarmer today on 9 March 2021.

2. Blaming farmers for not knowing what’s the farmer bill is?

Either blaming the Indian government not being able to clearly explain the benefits to farmer laws, they are blaming the Indian farmers.

According to the farmers, the new farm bill is beneficial for them and they don’t want to regulate.

But despite being explaining what farm law actually is, Indian Media criticizing farmers as Anti National and some News Channel were also relating them with Khalistan.

Godi media anti-national trending

Another Reason proved why the twitter is exploding with Godi media Anti Farmer.

Also, you should remember few weeks back when twitter was exploded with thousands of tweets as #ModiRozgaarDo.

Showing the huge failure of the Indian government in providing jobs to the youths of India but as usual most of the News channels didn’t debate on that topic.

The above content proved why the Indian media is said to be Godi Media and why #GodiMediaAntiFarmer is trending.


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Trending tweets with #GodiMediaAntiFamer

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