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6 Best Restaurants in Boring road Patna|Top Restaurants in Boring road 2022

Best restaurants in boring road Patna 2022

If you are living in Patna or roaming in Patna and want to search for the best restaurants in Boring road Patna. Your search has now ended here.

Searching for a good restaurant is not as easy as a Cup of tea. There are a lot of restaurants who look good from outside but they are not really good.

Top restaurants in boring road Patna

To solve all your queries and questions, we have written this article for you.

Here in this article we have listed some best Veg restaurant and non veg restaurant in boring road patna.

Patna : The Capital of Bihar and it’s Food’s varities

Patna is not only Bihar’s capital, Patna is also known as the food capital. There are a lot of different varieties of food available here and in Boring road you will find a lot of different varieties of foods.

We have already written article on best restaurants in Patna near Gandhi maidan and now here we have shortlisted some Top restaurants in boring road.

One can go through it for a better understanding of the Restaurants in Patna boring road.

Kapil Dev’s Eleven : Best restaurant in Patna boring road

Nowadays a new type of trend is starting in the Restaurant industry that is themed Restaurant.

Kapil Dev elevens boring road Patna

Kapil Dev’s Eleven is a cricket themed Restaurant specially dedicated to Kapil Dev.

If you are a cricket lover and love to enjoy some delicious food with cricket aroma you can visit here.

It is one of the cheap and best restaurants in boring road patna whose interior connects you to the world of cricket.

Different varieties of foods are available here. You can choose from veg as well as non veg.

  • Specialty:- A beautiful cricket interior with tasty foods. If you are a cricket lover you must visit. Paneer dishes and non veg are deliciously served here.
  • Location:- Ankit Chandradeep Complex, Sri niwas path boring road patna
  • Food type:- Indian and subcontinental. Sea food, veg and non veg also available.
  • Food cost:- Average food cost 500 per person.
  • Timing:- 11.30am to 10.30pm

Domino’s Pizza : Premium Restaurant in Patna Boring Road

For a fast food lover specially the one’s who loves pizza, would find Domino’s Pizza store around them.

Domino's Pizza store boring road Patna

If you are a pizza lover and want to taste Domino’s Pizza. You can get Domino’s Pizza store in boring road. It is the best outlet in boring road.

Dine in as well as takeaway is available here. Service and quality of this outlet is super.

  • What’s special :-Good interior and delicious foods. Hygiene of this place is well maintained.
  • Food type:- Fast foods, starters and some main dishes.
  • Speciality:- You can visit here for delicious and different varieties of Pizzas.
  • Food cost:- 200-300 per person
  • Timing:- 10.00 am – 11:00pm
  • Location:- Raj Towers, Ground Floor, E Boring Canal Rd, Patna

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Harilal sweets and veg Restaurants, Boring Road Patna

Harilal Sweets is a famous sweets shop and restaurant. It is one of the best Restaurants in patna.

Best sweet shop in boring road Patna

Different varieties of cake, sweets and foods are available here. Dosa is Very popular dish at this place.

Menu is almost budget friendly. It is one of the chain restaurants of Harilal ventures.

The only problem is there is space, there is no proper space for people to gather.

  • Location:- West boring canal road, patna.
  • Timing:- 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
  • Speciality:- Different varieties of Sweets and cakes.

Cafe The Dhaba : Theme Based Restaurant in Patna Boring Road

Cafe The Dhaba is also another theme based restaurant in boring road. Here you will find chairs and tables in the shape of cars and scooters. Interior is very attractive.

Cafe the Dhaba patna

Cafe the dhaba offers veg as well as non veg foods. Interior is eye-catching and the food is so delicious.

  • Location:- Boring patliputra road, patliputra colony, Patna
  • Food type:- Veg and non-veg.
  • Timing:- 11.00am to 10.30pm

Bansuriwala Restaurant : Family Restaurant in Patna Boring road

This restaurant is very beautiful and elegant. Located in boring road Patna. It is one of the top Restaurants in Boring road Patna.

Bansuriwala Restaurant : Best family restaurant in Patna boring road

Bansuriwala Restaurant is also a pure veg restaurant. Interior is well designed to steal your mind and heart. It’s a full veg restaurant.

One can visit with family as there is ample space for some family times.

  • Location:- boring canal road, anandapuri, patna
  • Timing:- 11.00am to 11.00pm
  • Mode of services:- Dine Out and takeaway
  • Food availability:- All types of veg foods including fast food.

Nirvana The Fine Dine

Nirvana The Fine Dine Patna is also located in Boring road. Interior is well designed and so attractive.

Nirvana The Fine Dine Patna

Different varieties of veg and non veg foods are available here. It’s good for a solo hangout or you can visit with family also.

  • Timing:- 11.30 am to 10.00pm
  • Speciality:- Beautiful interior with delicious foods.
  • Location:- Bhagwati Sharan Enclave, Boring Road Near:- PC jewelers.

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Mixing things Up

We have listed some best restaurants in boring road Patna, we tried to figure out all the necessary details about these restaurants.

We listed New restaurants in Boring road Patna and also listed Veg restaurants in Boring road, Patna.

You can try these restaurants and let us know in comments whether these restaurants met your expectations.

Web Story For – Best Restaurants In Boring Road Patna

Here is an interactive video that shows some of our pick for top restaurants in Patna Boring road in 2022.

FAQs on best restaurant in Boring road, Patna

Which is the best restaurant in Boring road Patna?

Kapil Dev’s Eleven is the best restaurant in Boring road Patna, as it is a cricket theme based restaurant famous for its delicious food items.

What are the famous restaurant in Patna Boring road?

Nirvana – The fine dine, Bansuriwala, Cafe the dhaba, Kapil Dev’s Eleven, are some famous restaurants in Boring road Patna.

Which is the best family restaurant near Boring road, Patna?

Bansuriwala restaurant is the best family restaurant near Boring road Patna.

which is the best cafe near Boring road, Patna?

Cafe The Dhaba is one of the best cafe near Boring road Patna.

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