Best website for domain and hosting purchase in 2021 Chapra

If you are a newbie or a previously content writer and want to run your website. Then this is the best place for your all doubts and queries regarding domain purchasing.

This article will inform you about:-

Domain Purchasing guide 2021

1) What is a domain?
2) Where to buy a domain?
3)Best website to buy a domain


  • 1)What is hosting?
  • 2)Where to buy hosting?
  • 3)Best website to buy a hosting.
  • 4)Things to look for while buying a hosting.

This article will cover all the steps that also we have gone through in our journey of purchasing a domain and hosting.

So let’s start this article:-

What is a domain?

A domain name is typically the address of your website that the audience type on the browser to visit your website. Domain should be easy to remember and pronounce. It will give you better traffic to your website.

What are the parts of the domain?

1 ) Second level domain (SLD)

For websites such as , Chapra Online is the second level domain which may be the name of your business or your blog. Here Chapra Online is my blog name.

2 ) Top-level domain (TLD)

similarly for websites such as , .com is top-level domain. In many websites you have seen .in, .net, .tech, etc are also TLD.TLD is essential for website functioning.

The thing to look for while buying a domain in

The domain should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce.A good website should 6-14 characters long.Select the most preferred extension that refers your website like .com , .in , .tech . But I recommend you to go for the .com domain.Select the affordable domain costs around 1k, don’t purchase a premium domain that’s cost around 10-100k, if you are a beginner.

How and where to buy a domain?

Google, one of the most popular search engines is flooded with thousands of websites that offer you a cheap domain or a premium domain at respective prices. But selecting the most affordable domain from a reputable website is quite tough work. So here are the websites you have to look for while purchasing a website:


2)Big Rock


But we recommend you to go for Godaddy. We have also purchased our domain from this website.

Here is the quick guide that certainly helps you:-

Godaddy: Best domain purchasing website

Godaddy is one of the most popular domain purchasing websites. It offers a wide range of domains that fetch your needs. Both affordable and premium domains are available here for purchase.

Here is the quick domain buying guide from Godaddy:-

1)Go to and search for your preferred domain and it’s availability.

2) Select the preferred extension i.e .com , .in , .tech , .xyz . But I would recommend you to go with .com domain.

3) Click on the checkout option and fill in the required details like billing address, contact information, etc.

4) Apply a promo code if any I would recommend you to use ” CJC99R ” or CJ30ARCH 40% off coupon code for Godaddy. It is a credit card-specific coupon code.

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5) Proceed with the payment. Select the credit card option and fill out the required details. But if you don’t have a credit card then you can use your Visa, Mastercard, debit card. Fill in all the details of the debit card in the credit card option. This trick will help you to use a credit card coupon with help of a debit card.

6) Pay now and yes your domain is now registered.

We have presented you with the Top domain purchasing website, there are many other websites you can look for such as big Rock, hostinger, etc. But we have chosen GoDaddy as the winner in the best domain purchasing website in 2021.

After buying a domain, the first thing that one’s needs are to get proper web hosting. But not everyone knows web hosting. So basically in this following article, we will know about it.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows you to make your website online and make your website appear and visible on www (World wide Web). So basically when you take web hosting services from some web hosting sites then you need to rent some space on their physical server where you can store your files data and anything.

Suppose you create a website of cartoon images. So when you upload images on your website then these images will be stored in your web host service provider’s servers and when someone visits your site it gets easily accessible to the visitors. The next thing about the web hosting provider is that when someone searches your website name on the web then your web host provider connects your website with the visitors.

Things that we notice while choosing a web hosting service provider

Uptime:- It is a very important aspect of web hosting. Uptime means the time your websites are being online. If a web hosting service provider claims that it provides 100% of Uptime that means your website is online all time. Many web hosting service providers have 99.99% uptime. Go with the host service provider which has 98-99% of Uptime.

Free SSL certificate:- Many of the host service providers give you a free SSL certificate that makes your website look

Number of websites and sub-websites can connect.

Website backup and storage

Unlimited bandwidth

Cpanel and affordable pricing

Suggested reading : bhagwat gita updesh 


WHERE to buy a web hosting in chapra ?




Before explaining in detail about this popular web host service provider. I recommend you to read it carefully and choose the one which you like and best fit your website.

Final words :- According to our views and opinions , we prefer Godaddy domain and Drwebhost hosting because it gives us most of the features we need for out blog website . Drweb host domain start at just $0.27/month which is quite very affordable.

Where to buy a domain in chapra ?

You can buy domain online in chapra using godaddy , hostgator , etc . Or you can contact us to buy a domain

how To find web hosting chapra ?

As I know there is not a single web hosting company in chapra . You can go online and purchase it using drweb host or hostiger, etc.

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