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Chapra/Chhapra - Get all details

Chapra:- In this article, we have explained everything we know about Chapra and would be very happy to share it with you.

Our previous blog on ABC Tutorial Chapra and Brajkishore Kindergarten Chapra was one of our research work. And now we have gathered details about Our City Chapra.

You can call this article “Essay on Chapra Bihar”. We have added details about Chapra Pincode, saran district, famous school, famous temples, notable figures, and important offices in Chapra.

About Chapra Bihar: A Beautiful City

Chhapra or Chapra is a city or sometimes referred to as a town is situated in the Saran district.

Chhapra is the headquarter of the Saran which is located near the Ganga and the Ghagra river.

Location of chapra bihar

It is governed by the municipal corporation and the Pincode of Chapra is 841301/841302. Chapra is the headquarter of the Saran district so people often called Chapra a district. Many times people use Chapra and saran conversely.

  • Saran district consists of three subdivisions including Chapra. These are Chhapra, Marhawra, Sonpur.
  • There are a total of 38 districts in Bihar and Saran is one of them Chapra is the headquarter of it.

Geographical Area of Chhapra/Chapra Bihar

The total population of Chhapra is about 2.02 lakh according to the census of 2011. It has 1,06,501 males and 95,851 females.

  • The area of Chapra is 185km2 which include the rural area of 166.25 km square and the urban area of 19.05 km square.
  • The literacy rate of Chhapra is 78.45%. the literacy of males is 84.16% whereas the female is 72.14%.
  • Sex ratio of chhapra is 900 females per 1000 males. In a child, it is 906 per 1000 boys.

Restaurants in Chapra Bihar

Famous restaurants in Chapra include Mirchi restaurant, zaika, dawat, swad and many more.

Restaurants in chapra

  • A lot of local eateries are also present here. Veg, non-veg, fast food, local food all are available here.
  • Many hotels also provide rooms for accommodation. Many are just in front of Chapra junction and a few are in the main Town of Chhapra.

Shopping Malls, Stores and Parks in Chapra

A lot of shopping malls in Chhapra are there Vmart, V2, Reliance smart point, reliance trend and many more. Famous stores like Monginis and reliance smart point are also present here.

Reliance trends chapa

Chapra has also a small park, Chapra children park, and many more under construction. There is also water park in chapra which is a major source of attraction.

Railway stations in Chhapra Bihar

Chhapra junction

Chhapra junction and Chhapra kacheri are two main railway stations. It is located near the main town. You should reach Chhapra junction to catch major trains.

Chapra kacheri is not the stoppage for most of the express as well as superfast express trains, so it is better to catch trains by visiting Chhapra Junction.

Some Famous Schools in Chapra and College 2021

Here is the list of some of the famous and best schools in Chapra,

Brajkishore Kindergarten School Chapra

You can read our article on Best Schools in Chapra Bihar, and find out more details in depth.

Some colleges in Chapra Bihar are:-

Rajendra college chapra bihar

These all colleges are affiliated with Jayprakash University Chapra, and you must research well about these colleges before taking admission (Serious Request).

Places to visit in Chapra in 2022

There are many places to visit in Chhapra and we have already written an article on that topic and we suggest you read that article

Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Chapra

If you want to visit a peaceful and calm place you can visit Ramkrishna mission Ashram. It is situated on Dak Bangla road inside the children park.

Ramkishna Mission Ashram Chapra Bihar

You will see a lot of Greenery, a library, a temple and many more. You can also avail of free medical services all department’s doctors are available here.

Dwarkadhish Mandir, Naini, Chapra

It is a beautiful and auspicious temple near Naini. Extremely devoted to Radha-Krishna. It is a few kilometres from the main town of Chapra Bihar.

Dwarkadhish temple naini

This temple is so beautiful that people come from different places here. It is must visit the temple in Chhapra.

Maruti Manas Mandir Chapra

As the name suggests this temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman. This is a very beautiful and broad temple.

Maruti Manas Mandir Chapra

It is located on Rajendra stadium road. It is besides of children park. One can visit for the peace and Glory of atheism. Apart from lord Hanuman, there are other gods are worshipped here.

Parvati Ashram Chapra

Temples in chhapra Bihar

As the name suggests it’s too like an ashram. This place is so peaceful and calm. This temple is devoted to the goddess Parvati. It is very auspicious and beautiful place. It is located near JP University.


It is located a few km away from Chapra. This place is known for Neolithic age sculptures, here you can visit the chirand museum.

A lot of old age civilized things are available to watch. This place is historically important.

Some Important offices in Chhapra

Chapra Sadar Block Office

Chapra Sadar Block Office is located in newaji tola, bye pass road. Here you can issue all types of certificates like birth certificate, death certificate, caste certificate, Ration card and other important certificates.

Although it is located outside of the main Chapra town, it’s easily navigable and works are smooth here.

DRCC Office Chhapra

Drcc ( District registrar cum counselling centre) This place is located in Bind Toli road near Chhapra junction.

DRCC chapra office

Here you can visit all government schemes, especially available for youths such as student credit cards, berojgari Bhatta and others.

Hospitals in Chapra Bihar

  • Chhapra Sadar hospital

Chhapra Sadar hospital is a government hospital located at Daroga Rai chawk near Chapra jail. It opens 24hours, although facilities are average it is very useful for Poor people or for those who can’t afford costly medical services.

Other hospitals and private clinic include Astha hospital or commonly famous as Renu Kashyap clinic.

Notable figures of Chhapra Bihar

Here are the names of some notable figures from Chapra Bihar. They all are celebrated figures of all time.

  • Jayprakash Narayana
  • Bikhari Thakur
  • Adbhutananda (disciple of Ramkrishna Paramhansa).
  • Akhilendra Mishra
  • Mahendra misir

Chapra Double Decker: A Continued Project

India’s longest double-decker flyover is being constructed here. It is constructed from Bhikari chowk to the bus stand.

The proposal for this Double Decker is cost around 411 crores. It was started in July 2018 with the letting foundation stone by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the expected date for its finalise is June 2022.

Important Contact Details of SP/DM/DSP Chapra

Here are some important contact details of officers of Chapra, Saran. You can reach out to them in case of need. These numbers are taken from Saran website.

Divisional Commissioner Chapra


District Magistrate Chapra


SP Saran


DSP Saran



Why is Chapra called Saran?

Chapra is the headquarter of the Saran district so people often called Chapra a district.

Is Chapra a district?

No, chapra is not a district. It is the headquarter of Saran district.

What is the pincode of Chhapra?

Pincode of Chapra is 841301, 841302.

Who is the dm of Chapra?

Shri Rajesh Meena is the dm of Chapra Bihar replacing Dr Nilesh Deore.

What is the population of Chapra district?

Total population of Chapra is 213,714, according to 2011 census. The population of female was 101,195.

How many blocks are there in Chapra?

There are 20 blocks in Chapra Bihar, according to Saran district official website.

Who is the S.P of Saran?

Shri Santosh Kumar is the S.P of Saran district.

Who is the D.I.G of Chapra?

Shri Ravindra Kumar, is the DIG of Chapra.

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