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epds Bihar
epds Bihar

What is ePDS Bihar portal?

Epds.bihar.gov.in is the official epds bihar portal of the Bihar government for food distribution and ration card management system. 

With the help of the ePDS Bihar website, users can download the online application form, Ration card and can check their Bihar Ration card status.

What is PDS Bihar?

The full form of PDS is Public distribution system. It facilitates the supply chain of food commodities and grains to the people.

PDS provides essential commodities such as wheat, rice, oil, and some pulses to the poor and needy people at a fair and affordable price.

Pds system in bihar is classified into two categories – Aepds bihar and epds bihar.

It was first started in 1960 during the food crisis that happened in the country and was established to facilities fair food pricing throughout the country.

What is a Ration card and the types of Ration cards in ePDS Bihar portal?

A ration card is a card issued by the government of India to help people to get food items and some commodities at a very cheap and affordable price.

This is issued by the Government of India. In Bihar, you can visit the ePDS Bihar website for the services related to ration cards.

Mainly there are three types of ration cards available by the government through Epds Bihar portal

These are namely listed below:-

  • APL Ration card:- The full form of Apl is Above poverty line. This card is issued for people who are above the poverty line. The APL card in EPds Bihar is orange in color.


  • BPL Ration card:- BPL stands for below poverty line. It is issued for the people who are below the poverty line. This card is red or pink.


  • AAY:- This is different from both the cards. This card is issued for financially weak people. It is yellow in color.

What is the eligibility of the epds Bihar Ration card 2021?

There are few eligibilities for Bihar Ration card and they are listed below:-

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Bihar.
  • He/she must belong to APL, BPL, or comes in AAY.

What are the documents required for the ePDS Bihar Ration card 2021?

The documents required for the ePDS Bihar Ration card 2021 are as follows:-

  • Applicant must have an Aadhar card.
  • He or she must show their Income proof through an issue income proof document.
  • Mobile number.
  • Applicant must have a passport size photo of the family.
  • Applicant must have Residential (Niwas praman Patra) document.
  • Applying person must have a photocopy of the bank account passbook.

How to apply for ePDS Bihar Ration card online in 2021?

Many of the websites claim that you can apply online for a ration card through ePDS Bihar but it is fake.

The only thing that you can do online is you can download the application form.

You have to fill the form properly and submit it with the documents listed above to the concerned officials such as the District block office.

The whole process is carried out by the SDO or concerned department of your district or village.

Steps to apply for ePDS Bihar Ration card through epds portal in 2021

The applicant can follow the given steps to apply for a ration card in Bihar at ePDS Bihar portal

  • Click here to download the form or you can visit your SDO or circle office and ask for the application form for the Bihar Ration card.
  • Fill the form carefully with the required details and attached the required document.
  • After filling the form submit the same to the office from where you take the application form.

After submitting the form the office will give you an acknowledgment number. Keep it for further references, it may take 15 to 13 days to issue a ration card in your name on behalf of ePDS Bihar.

What are the benefits of Bihar Ration card 2021?

The first and foremost benefit of a ration card through epds bihar portal is you can get food items such as rice sugar and other grains at a very low and affordable cost.

Ration card can be used for identification purpose and also can be used for opening bank accounts and to apply for a driving license and voter ID

Bihar Ration card can also be used for electricity connection and LPG connection.

How to check your name in epds Bihar ration card portal in 2021?

To check your name on ePDS Bihar Ration card, just follow these simple steps:-

  • First of all, visit the official website of epds Bihar portal (epds.bihar.gov.in).
  • Click on check Bihar RC-Details.
  • Select the area you belong to as urban or rural.

Search ration card Bihar 2021

  • Then click on the dropdown menu of the list of districts.

District falls under public distribution system bihar

  • Now the list of blocks will show on EPds Bihar portal (if you click on rural) and list of town (if you click on urban).
  • Enter the Ration card number and click on the search option.

Search Bihar ration card


How to check epds Bihar Ration card status in 2021?

Here are the quick steps to check Bihar Ration card status:-

  • Visit the official website by clicking here.
  • Now a window will appear, then fill in the details such as district, Anumandal, RTPS number.

Check Bihar ration card application status

  • Then click on the show option. It will show Bihar Ration card status.

How to file a complaint about the Bihar Ration card?

If you face any problem during applying for a ration card or if your name is not in the ration card. You can file a complaint easily by following this steps.

  • First of all, you have to visit the website of SFC Bihar by clicking here.

Grievance registration

  • After that, a new page will appear in front of you. This is the complaint form, fill the required details and your complaint in the Grievance description section.


  • Attach the required files for complaint.


  • After that click on the register button. Now your complaint is filed, a complain registration number will show for your complain on your screen, keep this number for further references.

How to check the status of complain of ration card at ePDS Bihar portal in 2021?

  • First of all visit this website of SFC Bihar by clicking here.
  • On the next page fill in the Grievance registration id and then click on get status.

Know your Grievance status at ePDS website

  • On the next page, your status of your complain will show.

How to contact for ration card related issues?

Here are the methods to Contact executives of ePDS Bihar:-

  • Toll-free number 1800 3456 19
  • The official website of epds Bihar for ration card is epds.bihar.gov.in

FAQs on epds Bihar

1) What is ePDS Bihar ( epds Bihar Kya hai )?

ePDS Bihar is the official website for the public distribution system and Ration card management of the Bihar government.

2) What is ePDS Bihar portal (epds Bihar portal Kya hai ? )

ePDS Bihar portal (epds.bihar.gov.in ) is the online portal for collecting information about various PDS (public distribution system) schemes and to download form for Bihar Ration card.

3)What is the official website of ePDS Bihar (ePDS Bihar ka official website Kya hai)?

epdsbihar.gov.in is the official website for Bihar ePDS.

4)What are the types of ration card at ePDS Bihar ( ePDS Bihar me kitne prakar ke ration card hai)?

There are three types of ration card available at ePDS Bihar they are:-

  • ARC (Antyodaya Ration card ):-

This Ration card is available for economically weak categories to support them financially. Its color is Yellow.

  • BPL (Below poverty line ) Ration card:-

BPL card is issued for people living below poverty line, by this card they can purchase food grains at a very lower price and they can study at any school by paying a minimal charge. Its color is Pink or Red.

  • APL (Above poverty line) Ration card:-

APL card is issued for people living above poverty line and helps them by providing grains at a relatively lower price than market value. Its color is Orange.

5) How to apply at ePDS Bihar online? (ePDS Bihar ke liye online apply Kaise Kare) ?

You can only download online form from ePDS Bihar website and then you have to fill the form and then submit your form at your district block or RTPS office.

6) How to apply at ePDS Bihar offline (ePDS Bihar ke liye offline apply kaise kare )?

You have to download the online form from the ePDS portal of Bihar and now you have to fill in the required details in the form. Then you have to submit it in your nearby block. You can visit drcc office for more details . 

7) What are the documents required for ePDS Bihar Ration card 2021 ( Bihar Ration card ke liye jaruri dastawez )?

Here is the list of important documents required to apply for Bihar Ration card 2021:-

  • Filled application form downloaded from ePDS Bihar official website.
  • Bank account details such as account number, IFSC code, Account holder name.
  • Photocopy of Aadhar card
  • Family photograph
  • Aadhar card number of all available family members
  • Residential proof ( Aawasiye pranman patra )

8) How to login to ePDS Bihar portal ( ePDS Bihar portal pe login kaise kare)?

  • Visit the official website epds.bihar.gov.in and then click on the login option.

How to login at ePDS portal of Bihar ?

  • Select login as user or vendor. If you are an authorized vendor the select vendor option and if you are common people then click on the user option.

Registration form for online portal

  • Fill in details such as user id, password, and fill code and click on the login option.

Now you are logged in at the portal officially.

9) How to print ePDS Bihar Ration card (ePDS Bihar Ration card kaise download kare)?

  • Visit the official website epds.bihar.gov.in and then click on the upper left RC-Print option.

Ration card print online

  • Fill in the user id, password, and code to verify.

Jan vitan ann bihar

  • Then after verification, you can download your ration card.

Keep a copy of Ration card for purchasing grains from fair shop.


10)What are the districts that come under ePDS Bihar ( ePDS Bihar me kitne district aate hai )?

Here is the list of the districts comes under ePDS Bihar :-

















East Champaran





















West Champaran

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