Gyan Sankalp Portal 2022 – Registeration, Login, Helpline Number | Gyan Sankalp Donation

Gyan Sankalp portal - Registration and Login 2022
Name of the portalGyan sankalp
Date Started06.08.2017
Objective of the portalFor welfare of Public schools in Rajasthan
Article Updated on 10.01.2022

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Gyan Sankalp portal is dedicated to the various stakeholders of our society who can contribute or donate to modernising and reformation to government schools in Rajasthan.

It is a challenge for all Governments in India to modernise Government schools with all day to day advanced learning tools.

However, the Rajasthan government has introduced the Gyan Sankalp portal as the revolutionary portal.

Through Gyan sankalp portal, not only people of Rajasthan but also people of Indian states and other countries as well can donate and help the government in reforming the schools.

Key facts about Gyan Sankalp Portal Rajasthan 2022

Gyan Sankalp portal was Started on 6th August 2017 by the former chief minister Vasundra Raje for the collection of funds or donations for government schools of Rajasthan.

Donation under Gyan Sankalp is fully transparent, you can track your donation and the Gyan Sankalp donation can be done online to any school.

With this portal, you can donate, track, support and create your own projects for helping a school.

Also, Gyan Portal Rajasthan helps reduce any damage caused to government school progress, due to any financial problems.

However, if we analyse the schools across Rajasthan, we’ll find most of the schools are benefited from the Gyan Sankalp portal.

The Gyan Sankalp donation is exempted from taxation under section 80G.

What are the objectives of the Gyan Sankalp portal Rajasthan 2022?

There are numerous objectives of the Gyan Sankalp portal for Rajasthan 2022. However, we have mentioned some important points below.

  • Adopting a school:- Under this objective, one can adopt any of the listed government schools of Rajasthan. And you will be liable to regulate, manage, fund and for running the school.
  • Create your own project:- Under this scheme of the Rajasthan Gyan portal, you can create your own project where you can present your vision or ideas and share them with the government for further process.
  • Support a project:- Under this objective of Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp, you can support other’s project’s you might like. Such as projects which are developing Solar-powered schools, etc.
  • Contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh:- You can also contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh under the portal of Rajasthan Gyan portal. This fund will be used in making the ideal government schools.
  • Donate to school:- You can directly donate to any public school in Rajasthan online through the Gyan Sankalp portal.

These funds are transparent and will be used in the proper regulation and development of that particular public school.

These are some important Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp Portal objectives in 2022.

These objectives are set by the Government of Rajasthan and to fulfil the dream of Making every school in Rajasthan an ideal school.

What are some achievements of Gyan Sankalp Portal Rajasthan from 2017 to 2022?

There are some major achievements of the Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp portal from 2017 to 2022, these all are listed below:-

Total Approved projects


Total Transactions


Total schools benefitted


Total adopted schools


The total amount donated to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh


  • Unde the Gyan portal Rajasthan over 208325 transactions have been made. This shows the people’s visions towards the betterment of schools.
  • Also, over 59k+ schools have benefited from this portal. These schools may be said to be blessed by the loving people of the society in India and other countries as well.
  • Also, in the Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh, a total amount of whooping 27 crores+ funds have been donated till 17th May 2021.

So, there are many achievements of the Rajasthan Gyan Sankalp portal, However, we have tried to mention some necessary ones, you should need to know.

What are the benefits of the Gyan Sankalp portal in 2022?

There are numerous benefits of the Gyan Sankalp portal Rajasthan, but we can’t mention all of them. So, we are mentioning some of them below:-

  • With the help of this portal, public schools can show their needs of funding, in case they are running out of support for the government due to financial problems.
  • All the donations done by the people or organisation are transparent. You can see the requirements of the schools, can donate and track your funds.
  • Also, you can contribute to the schools directly online under the “Donate to schools” section.
  • All the donations made are free from taxation under section 80G.
  • As like, Dbt Bihar and Aepds bihar, this portal is launched for the welfare of our schools and hence benefiting society.
  • Your contributions show your vision for the betterment of schools and a good citizen.

These were some benefits of the portal of Gyan Sankalp in Rajasthan, other benefits are mentioned in the objectives and achievements section above.

Gyan Sankalp portal registration 2022

For Gyan Sankalp portal registration 2021, you have to follow these steps mentioned below in bullets points.

  • Visit the official website of Gyan Sankalp portal.
  • Then click on three lines located at the top right corner of the portal.

Gyan sankalp portal registration 2021

  • Then click on the topmost option showing ” register”.

Registration for Gyan sankalp portal

  • Then it will show four options: Indian resident, Non-Indian resident, Company/firm and organisations.
  • Select the relevant option for you, if you are an Indian resident then click on that option.
  • Then fill in the required details such as name, mobile, any of them I’d proof such as Aadhar card, pan card or passport number.

Gyan Sankalp portal registration form 2021

  • Then fill in the zip code or Pincode of your city.
  • Now, fill in the login details you will use in future such as mobile number (it will be used as user id in future).
  • Now, fill in the captcha code and click on request otp.
  • At the last step of the Gyan Sankalp registration process, fill in the OTP and click on the submit option.

Now, you have completed the Gyan Sankalp portal registration 2021.

Gyan Sankalp Portal login process 2022

There are some simple steps for login into portal Gyan Sankalp in 2021. You have to follow these steps mentioned below for the easier login process for Gyan Sankalp school login or person.

  • Visit the official portal of the Gyan Sankalp.
  • On the top right click on the three lines option.

Gyan sankalp portal login 2021

  • Now, click on the second option present at the top of the window namely LOGIN.

Login gyan sankalp portal

  • Now an option window will appear, click on “I pledge”.
  • Now for both the donor and department officials login, fill in the user password and captcha code.

Login for Gyan sankalp portal 2021

  • Now, click on the login option. You are successfully logged in to the Gyan Sankalp portal.

In case you have forgotten your password then click on forget password option. Then submit the OTP and you will be logged in.

Now, you have to change yours to set the new password and click on submit.

Gyan Sankalp donation Rajasthan 2022

For Gyan Sankalp donation Rajasthan, you can donate in the following ways which are mentioned below:-

Donate to school

Under this option for portal Gyan Sankalp donation, you can donate to government school online.

You can donate funds, School dress, tie, belt or other accessories as well.

There are two options available under the Donate to schools through funds and other kinds such as school uniforms, shoes and belts, etc.

For Gyan Sankalp donation through fund follow these steps:-

  • Visit the Gyan Sankalp portal official website (GyanSankalp.nic.in)
  • Now, scroll the homepage and click on the last option named “Donate to school”.
  • It will show two options namely Donate funds and Donate kinds to the students.

Gyan sankalp donation Rajasthan

  • Click on donate funds and now a new window will appear for payment details.
  • Now the payment page will appear, select the required options as By shala darpan id or By District block filter.

Gyan sankalp donation fund

  • Now, fill in the details such as school type, district, block, school amount and frequency.
  • You can leave a message with the Gyan Sankalp donation and then fill in the captcha code and click on Submit.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the payment page for payment.

Also, You can select the donations through the option of the kind above, in case you want to donate accessories.

Gyan Sankalp donation through Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh in 2022


If you want to do a Gyan Sankalp donation through Vidyadaan Kosh in 2022, then follow these steps:-

  • Visit the official website of the Gyan portal Rajasthan.
  • Now on the homepage, click on the three lines.

Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh 2021

  • Now, you will see the option indicating the Donate to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh.

Contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh in 2021

  • After clicking on the option you will see a new window, you have to fill in the amount and captcha and click on submit.

Fund donation through Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh

  • You will be redirected to the Payment Page.
  • Now, you are done with Gyan Sankalp donation to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh.

Gyan Sankalp portal helpline number

There are some option you can use to contact the Gyan Sankalp portal.

You can contact 900173911 and also can mail on [email protected].

You can use the above number or email id to contact Gyan Sankalp.


Hope we have cleared your queries regarding gyan Sankalp portal, Gyan Sankalp portal login and Gyan Sankalp Donation.

We also have cleared your queries such as the Gyan Sankalp portal helpline number and Gyan Sankalp portal registration.

Thanks for visiting.

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FAQs on Gyan portal Rajasthan

What is Gyan Sankalp portal?

Gyan sankalp portal aims to welfare of Public schools in Rajasthan by collection of funds. This fund will be used in welfare of goverment school and modernising the schools.

When was Gyan Sankalp portal founded?

Gyan sankalp portal was started on 14.05.2021 by former Rajasthan’s cheif minister Vasundra Raje.

What are the objectives of Gyan portal Rajasthan?

The objectives of Gyan sankalp is to help the goverment schools in proper regulation and functioning through funds and donation across the world.

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