Mirchi Restaurant Chapra Menu, Address & Contact Details 2022

Mirchi restaurant Chapra Menu

Mirchi restaurant Chapra was first opened in February 2002, and since then it is the first choice of people in Chapra Bihar. Mentioned as the best veg restaurant in Chapra, Mirchi is one the way to deliver delicious cuisine to their customers.

Whenever you are near Hathua Market, you must visit this restaurant for a good lunch or dinner. It might be a birthday, anniversary or celebrating special occasions, Mirchi Chapra is there for you.

If you are craving veg dishes like Paneer do pyaza or fast foods like chow mein then you must try this restaurant. You will only find veg dishes here.

Mirchi Restaurant Chapra Menu 2022

As we all know Mirchi restaurant Chapra has been in this industry for more than 20 years, they have over 200+ dishes. A good collection of starters, main courses and desserts are included in the Mirchi restaurant chapra menu.

Mirchi Chapra Starters Menu

There are a lot of starter dishes on the Mirchi Chapra menu and figuring out all of them is a little bit of a complex process. So, we have listed some best-selling dishes on the Mirchi Chapra menu. From veg sizzlers to baby corn crispy, veg-noodles soup and much more.

mirchi restaurant chapra starters menu

You can try any of these dishes and get started in the world of delicious cuisines. The price might be changed due to ongoing GST hikes.

Mirchi Chapra Menu – Main Course

After finishing the starters, it is obvious you are gonna order your main course. In the meantime, you can look for the chef’s special Mirchi Chapra menu – the main course. There are over 50+ authentic dishes to try out for the main course, especially paneer, which is a famous dish.

mirchi chapra menu of main course mirchi restaurant chapra noodles menu

You can also try dishes like mushroom, mixed veg, Indian thali and also Chinese thali. Noodles are also an option for your fast food cravings.

Paneer Dishes At Mirchi Restaurant Chapra

Paneer dishes are what are the most selling in a veg restaurant and people love to have such dishes in the main course. So, Mirchi restaurant takes care of your needs and thus prepares a separate list of paneer dishes in the Mirchi restaurant menu Chapra.

Mirchi restaurant paneer menu chapra

You can try over 15+ specially curated paneer dishes at Mirchi chapra. Any of the dishes is capable of satisfying your food cravings.

South Indian Dishes: Mirchi Chapra Menu

Just like how the south Indian film industry is rocking across the globe, the love for South Indian dishes is way bigger than in other cuisines.

Dishes like Dosa, Idli, and Vada are loved all across the nation.

South indian dishes mirchi chapra

South Indian dishes are available only after 8 pm, so if you are planning to have dinner with your family then it might be a great choice.

Mirchi Restaurant Chapra Address & Contact Number

Mirchi restaurant Chapra is located at Anand market, sahebganj chapra. This restaurant is just next to Zaika restaurant chapra. If you are new to this place, then ask anyone about it.

You can contact Mirchi restaurant chapra through their contact number available on Google maps.

Mixings Things Above

If you’re in search of the best restaurant in Chapra for vegetarians then Mirchi restaurant Chapra is one of the finest choices. They have been serving their customers since 2002 with a variety of dishes on the Mirchi restaurant chapra menu. You can also try One Bite Chapra if you are looking for a cafe to hang on with friends.

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