Pfms know your payment status online in 2021 | Pfms helpline number

Pfms know your payment status

Pfms know your payment status | pfms scholarship status | Pfms portal details 2021 | pfms helpline number

The full form of Pfms is the Public financial management system.

Public financial management system or pfms is an initiative of the Central government’s CGA (Controller general of accounts), finance ministry and Government of India.

It was started in 2009 to help the citizens to get information and status of the subsidies that the government releases for different schemes.

The pfms portal is designed in such a way to get all the details of different funds and subsidies issued by the government of India.

One can easily pfms know your payment status online in 2021 on it. It works on the principle of dbt( Direct benefits transfer).

Quick details about the pfms portal, payment status 2021

Pfms works on the model of Dbt (Direct benefits transfer). It allows the government to transfer the subsidies directly to the people’s Bank account.

The main aim of pfms portal is to transfer the funds and subsidies directly to the beneficiaries account.

  • It enhances the payment system by processing the fund effectively and smoothly with transparency.
  • It stops the misuse and delay of payment.
  • It also stops the manipulation done by departments and authorities.

The core method of Pfms payment is dbt(direct benefits transfer). And the whole system is working on it.

What is Fto and how it is related to Pfms payment status?

FTO stands for the fund transfer order. Basically, fto means the government has verified your all details such as Aadhar number, bank details and Bank IFC and the transfer of funds has been started.

Sooner or later you will get your money in your account. Usually, in 1 to 2 weeks your money will be credited to your account

How to check Fto in pfms Online in 2021?

If you have an FTO number then you can check your fto status by visiting the website of pfms (

On the next page fill in the FTO

number and then fill the verification letter and click on search.

Scholarship schemes available on Pfms portal in 2021

There are a lot of scholarship schemes available on the Pfms portal.

  • One can visit the scholarship scheme page or you can visit the pfms scholarship portal.
  • On the next page you would get the details of all scholarships available on the portal.

Schemes or scholarship that are available on Pfms portal in 2021 are as follows:-

Pfms scholarship online 2021

  • Post matric scholarship for OBC
  • Top-class education scheme for SC
  • National means cum merit scholarship
  • Pre matric and post matric screens for SC students
  • Schemes for university and college students

There are some other scholarship schemes also available on the Pfms portal.

One can get the details of every scholarship scheme by clicking on the respective schemes.

All the required details such as eligibility, scholarship type and other details are available on the pmfs portal.

One can check their nsp payment also here.

Pfms is fully dedicated to payment related status, subsidies and funds and so on. Also your can perform pfms Know your payment status in 2021.

What are the facilities available on Pfms know your payment status portal?

Here are some facilities that are mentioned below which are available on the Pfms know your payment portal.

  • Payment and exchequer control
  • Information of accounts and preparation of physical reports
  • Accounting of different types of taxes and non-taxes.
  • Integration of the financial management of the states.

How to PFMS know your payment status online in 2021?

One can easily know their pfms payment status online in 2021 by following some easy steps.

Here we have discussed it for you to pfms know your payment status :-

  • First, Visit the official website of Pfms (public financial management system).
  • Now click on the option of knowing your payment, also you can click here to go to the official website of pfms, where you can check your payment status.

Know your payment status of pfms

  • On the next page fill in the required details such as bank name, account number and then fill the verification word.

Pfms payment status

  • At last click on send OTP.

Now after entering the OTP you can pfms know your payment status.

How can I check my PFMS scholarship payment status online in 2021?

You can easily check your pfms scholarship status in 2021 as well as scholarship payment status by following these easy steps.

  • You can visit the official website of NSP payment tracking.
  • On the next page fill in the bank name and account number. If you have an NSP application ID then you can fill it instead of the account number.
  • Then fill in the word verification code and click on search after that you will get the tracking of payment details of NSP.

After that you’re able to check pfms scholarship status online in 2021.

Pfms helpline number and contact details 2021

  • Visit the official website of Pfms and click on 3line on the right side.
  • Now on the lower side, you get the option of contacting us.

Here you’ll get all the details for contact.

Alternatively here we have also provided this for your convenience.

So we hope we have cleared your queries regarding pfms know your payment status along with pfms scholarship status and pfms helpline number.

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